Under the motto “Spirit of the community”,
we do not only build ships but also grow tomatoes as memorable products.


In preparation

Oshima tomatoes embody our company motto “In symbiosis with the community”

People may wonder, “Why a shipyard makes tomatoes?”

Our company has been conducting business activities under the motto “Spirit of the community”.

As a part of regional employment creation, we planned to raise tomatoes on idle land in Oshima island. In 1988, we planted 64,000 tomato seedlings after training in a farm and started harvesting from January 1989.

Since then, we have been growing tomatoes hoping that our Oshima island will become beloved “Furusato”, meaning hometown in Japanese, by having memorable product as well, not only ships. Our company’s “Ace Flag” is designed with anchor and Oshima tomato.

Now it has been more than 30 years since we started the cultivation, our tomatoes have become our top specialties in Saikai City, and Nagasaki Prefecture. During our seasonal Oshima tomato picking event, a lot of people from inside and outside Nagasaki prefecture visit our farm.

Now we are starting new activities such as tomato juice production and melon cultivation.