About Oshima Shipyard

We aim to become a distinctive world number one bulker shipyard with everyone's mind united.

Small in scale, but with the state of the art technology, Oshima shipyard takes in its remarkable building capacity of bulkers. Oshima shipyard attempts to complete every task aggressively, discovers unprecedented standpoint, and carries them out, aiming to become cheerful, strong and exciting shipyard.

Business Domains



We build various types of vessels, including our main product, bulkcarrier, and contribute to marine logistics.

Steel Structures

 Steel Structures

We build marine steel structures, indispensable infrastructure such as bridges and floating piers, and also carry out maintenance work such as repairs and reinforcements.



Under the motto “Spirit of the community”, we deliver memorable specialties such as tomatoes to everyone, not just ships.

Three Key Figures of Oshima Shipyard

Market Share of Bulk Carrier Production


Oshima Shipyard accounts for 25% of bulk carrier production in Japan.
*as of December, 2023

Track Record
of Delivery


Oshima has built a number of ships including our major product, bulk carriers.
*as of end of June, 2024

of Employees


Majority from Nagasaki prefecture, many people sustain Oshima Shipyard.
*as of April, 2024


To Contribute to
the World from Oshima

Oshima Shipyard aims to become a company contributing to the environment,
community and society through sound business activities.

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