Privacy Policy

Guidelines on protection of personal information

We, Ohima Shipbuling Co., Ltd., acknowledge that personal information which we handle in operating our business is valuable and endeavor to protect it according to the policy stated below.

We do not acquire personal information by a deception or other wrongful means.
We do not make use of personal information in a manner beyond the purpose of utilization we specified at the time of acquisition.
We do not provide personal information to a third party without obtaining the prior consent from the person concerned. We take necessary and proper measures for security control of personal information.
We exercise necessary and appropriate direction and supervision over our employees and contractors who we entrust with the handling of personal information.
We respond promptly within reasonable period of time if there should be an inquiry from the concerned person about the purpose of utilization, content, etc. of personal information we handle.
We establish rules to thoroughly ensure proper handling of personal information in our daily operation. We identify a section in charge of protecting personal information, continuously review contents of privacy policy and management system, and endeavor to maintain and improve them.

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For any inquiry regarding personal information, please contact section in charge.

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