Earth-friendly shipbuilding

Since 1991, we included “to harmonize with the environment of our earth” in our corporate philosophy, and we always keep in mind an earth-friendly shipbuilding through development of energy efficient ships and environmental impact reduction throughout our construction process.

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Earth friendly shipbuilding Earth friendly shipbuilding

Working on environmental technologies

Working on environmental technologies

Working on environmental technologies

As the world is moving rapidly toward decarbonization to mitigate climate change issues, the shipping industry and the shipbuilding industry are also accelerating efforts to reduce the greenhouse gas. We are actively working on decarbonization of marine logistics and environmental impact reduction through, to start with, implementation of ship equipped with “Wind Challenger”, a rigid wing sail which convert wind power to propulsion and reduce fuel consumption, and development of new technologies and adopting them to LNG fueled and ammonia fueled ships. We are also studying production of floating foundation for floating offshore wind farms, important source of renewable energy in the future.

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Efforts in our shipyard

(1) Consideration for the marine environment

To prepare for the risk of incident such as waste oil leakage, we have equipped all wharfs with floating oil spill containment booms, oil absorbent, oil treatment chemical to avoid spread and recover spilt oil. Also, we have joined North Nagasaki Oil Pollution Prevention Council to cooperate with other member organizations in case of incident, and are prepared to protect marine environment.

Consideration for the marine environment

(2) Solar power generation equipment

In February 2011, we installed solar energy generation system with capacity of 50kW on the roof of building no.2 to introduce clean energy source and to promote awareness of energy conservation, as well as to study adoption of the technology to ships.
Electricity for about 500 lights in the building no.2 is supplied from this solar energy generation system.
State of power generation can be monitored at the entrance of the building.
Also, we are replacing lights in the building to LED one by one, and lights in restrooms and hallways are controlled by motion sensors to increase the effect of energy conservation.

Solar power generation equipment

(3) Reduce, sort, and recycle waste

We are actively working on to reduce waste with reduction of steel scrap, factory waste separation and recycling, and going paperless.

Reduce, sort, and recycle waste