“Olive Bay Hotel” is the new name of the new Oshima Shipyard Hotel.

“Olive Bay Hotel” was adopted as the new name for the Oshima shipyard hotel currently under construction. Since the old Oshima Island Hotel Nagasaki opened in 1983, it served as a guest house for visitors to Oshima shipyard as well as a resort hotel for ordinary people. The old hotel was closed for demolition in summer 2011. The Olive Bay Hotel is slated to open in the spring of 2013.

“Olive Bay Hotel” located in shipbuilding town in Saikai city. On the farther side of the bay, a dark green forest spreads in quiet solitude and olive trees are flourishing at the bay side to make the surrounding much greener. The hotel with world class hospitality stands on the ground surrounded by the sound of olive rustling leaves. The new hotel comes into being with such desire in mind. The Olive Bay Hotel was designed by a world-renowned architect, Mr. Kengo Kuma and offers 32 rooms, a bar, a restaurant, a banquet hall, a chapel and relaxation facilities including a gym and a swimming pool. We are looking forward to welcoming as many guests as possible for various feasts including wedding to say nothing of accommodation.