The 40th Founding Ceremony

This year marked the 40th founding anniversary of Oshima shipyard on February 7, 2013. Notable guests were in attendance for the founding ceremony, including Saikai city mayor, Mr. Tanaka, Saikai city assembly deputy chairman, Mr. Taguchi, and Oshima shipyard women association chairperson, Mrs. Nakashima.

First of all, CEO Minami delivered his speech, saying, “I’m very pleased that we have been in good health and are able to share and celebrate this opportunity of the 40th founding anniversary with you all. We should have a solid resolution in place to defeat this predicament and stay in business for 100 years to come. On hearing his words, all employees have renewed our awareness of the current situation. And then, the President Minami and Labor Union’s chairman Nakatsuno had an opportunity to give their speech, which was followed by the mayor of Saikai city, Mr. Tanaka’s congratulatory speech for the ceremony.

After the delivery of those speeches, an award ceremony followed to recognize shipyard workers who had achieved excellent records and performance last year. The workers received a group commendation by the president and shipyard manager and some of those who had submitted a paper of their thesis in an in-house contest also received an award in the award ceremony.

Subsequently, Mr. Hara, chairman of the assistant manager association read out a pledge with a resolution to overcome the current shipbuilding doldrums. And, the gathering came to an end by calling out “Daizo Great Leap Forward” in chorus to raise morale in the workplace.