New hires’ first day in fiscal 2013

On April 1, 2013, a ceremony to welcome new hires in fiscal 2013 took place in the new building completed in March, 2013 with an attendance of CEO Minami, president Minami and other managerial staff.

After singing the national anthem and the company song, president Minami gave appointment letters to new hires. In his speech following that, President Minami appealed to new hires by saying, “we are facing an incredible hard time caused by a serious imbalance of supply and demand for new vessels. This hardship might be solved if the halves of shipbuilders in the world go bankrupt. Let’s take it a step at a time to make a success by repeatedly making a course correction.” Mr. Shinji Oka, one of the last year’s hire, offered encouragement to new ones on behalf of senior employees and in response to that, Mr. Hideaki Kudo read out an oath representing new hires. Finally, CEO Minami sent a message to congratulate new employees’ departure by saying, “Your young power and wisdom will make a foundation of the prosperity of this shipyard.”