The 21st Nagasaki Saikai Triathlon

The 21st Nagasaki Saikai Triathlon was held in Oshima-cho, Saikai city.

The Triathlon race is subdivided to the different factions as follows: the Olympic distance race consists of swimming 1.5 km, bicycle 40 km and running 10 km, the light race consists of a half distance of the Olympic distance and the kid’s race is for children eight to 15 years old. The challenge race consists of swimming 200m, bicycle 4.7 km and running 1.7 km. Participants this year were numbered 534 which marked the largest number of participants so far.

Oshima Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. designated this triathlon as a company’s sport and 35 employees participated in each subdivided race for the first year after designation.

And, Oshima shipyard designated the challenge category as a “beginner class” and participants’ family are encouraged to participate in the event on reservation and loan of bicycles and helmets from Oshima shipyard.