A new rigid type of sail for wind challenger went on a field test

A land-based proven test about “Wind Challenger Project” started. Oshima shipyard is one of the project participants. Ainoura machinery, an Oshima shipyard’s affiliate conducted a field test of an experimental prototype sail of 20 meters high and 8 meters wide in order to ascertain the efficiency and durability of the sail not later than September this year.

An 84,000-dwt bulk carrier is targeted to be installed with four 50-meter high, 20-meter wide and 4-meter thick sails for practical application of this technology. Propulsive force can step up by expanding, contracting the sails vertically and changing the angle of the sails according to the wind direction and velocity. (Fuel burning engines are prime movers of vessels when wind is weak)

Wind challenger technology serves to reduce fuel consumption 30% in the round trip of North Pacific seaways and more than 50% in fair winds and following seas. The commercialization will be in 2016.

*Window Challenger Project HP