The 22nd Nagasaki Saikai Triathlon

The 22nd Nagasaki Saikai Triathlon was held in Oshima-cho, Saikai city on July 13.

Due to bad weather conditions from early morning, the events were changed to aquathlon respectively as follows: swimming 0.1km and running 1.0km for the kid event and swimming 0.1km and running 1.7km for challenge event.

The running distance for elite and general events consisting of swimming 1.5km, bicycling 40.0km was reduced to 4.9km and the running distance for light event consisting of the half distance of elite and general events was shortened to 3.9km. The triathlon competition ended safely.

The triathlon went on in an extremely severe weather condition but in response to supports from about 750 volunteer staff and shouts of encouragement from local spectators, 537 partipants cut the finishing tape in a heated competition out of a total of 670 record-high participants.

About 50 triathlon member of Oshima Shipbuilding Co. including President Minami participated in the triathlon and demonstrated daily practice results. A beautiful female model, Caren Michibata participated in a general women’s event continuously from last year. She came in 5th place and livened up the atmosphere of the 22nd Saikai Triathlon.