The 2011 welcoming ceremony

The 2011 welcoming ceremony for 73 new recruits (university and high school graduates were 23 and 49, respectively) was held with attendance of CEO, Mr. Minami, Special Counselor Mr. Fukada, President Minami and other board member in Oshima shipyard. During the ceremony, President Minami gave written appointments to each individual new employee after all attendants sang national anthem and company song. President Minami made a speech to call for new recruits to engage in a concerted effort to survive current shipbuilding depression and actively prepare to have a bright future.

Tatsuya Umezaki who came on board as a naval architect last year delivered a welcome speech to new hires on behalf of all employees. In return for this speech, Kimitaka Ura took an oath representing all new comers. CEO Minami celebrated the departure of those new employees with congratulatory words to them. The ceremony came to an end by commemorating by a moment of silence afflicted people by the Tohoku Great Earthquake.