The 18th Nagasaki Saikai Triathlon took place in Oshima.

“The 18th Nagasaki Saikai Triathlon in Oshima” was held in Oshima-cho, Saikai city on October 10, 2010. Oshima shipyard is a co-sponsor of this annual event and many employees are willing to volunteer to play various roles in the Triathlon.

The Triathlon events were as follows:

The competition event is divided into the four categories: “Elite,” “General,” “Students,” and “Relay.” Each category consists of Olympic distance of swimming 1.5 km, cycling 40 km and running 10 km, respectively.

The other event item includes “Light,” “Relay” and “Kids” consisting of the half distance of Olympic item. Total 387 athletes participated in the Triathlon. Atheletes riding bicyles pass through Oshima shiyard, which is the part of the total Triathlon course. President Minami formed a team with two young employees. The team took part in the “Light” relay and showed their ability to the fullest extent to win the race amid the cheers of employees and people of the community.