Unveiling of Star-Bearing Tree

Star-Bearing Tree is unveiled for a memorial of the late Advisor Kageki Minami by grass-rooted donations of Oshima town people in the YurigatakePark located at the highest point on the island. Susumu Shingu, aworld-famous for mobile sculptor commissioned to create a memorial.

Thework features a soaring trunk surrounded by seven wind-spun whirligigs.

The spinning appendages recall seven values that the founder had cherished:conscientious effort, forthright speech, profound generosity, sound judgment,humor, unconditional friendship and passionate commitment. Star-BearingTree is made of stainless steel, 13.4 meter high and weighs 4.7 ton. Hard hit by the typhoon in August, the monument is restored with the increase in weeight up to about 10.6 ton.