2014 welcoming ceremony for new employees

On April 1, 2014, a welcoming ceremony for regular hires for fiscal 2014 was held with the attendance of president Minami, Special Counselor Fukada, including full-time directors and general managers at Oshima shipyard.

After singing the national anthem and the company song in unison, President Minami handed the letter of appointment to new employees one by one. President Minami called for new hires’ efforts in an address saying, “Company’s fate is dependent on each and every one of you. I want you to become happy and enjoy the pleasure of self-fulfillment through working in this shipyard.” Subsequently, Makoto Sanada, one year senior with the construction department, expressed words of encouragement on behalf of all senior workers and in response to that, Taiki Ikeda represented all new hires to read the oath loud. Finally, CEO Minami handed congratulatory messages to all new hires one by one and encouraged their new departures.