2015 welcoming ceremony for new employees

On April 1, 2015, Oshima shipyard arranged a welcoming ceremony for regular hires for fiscal 2015. CEO Minami, Special Counselor Fukada, directors, and general managers at Oshima shipyard attended the ceremony.

After the national anthem and the company song in unison, president Minami handed the letter of appointment to new employees one by one. Afterwards, president Minami asked three points to new hires as follows: (1) maintain a posture to study (2) be persistent to work and (3) pay attention to harmony. Takashi Nishimura who entered the company last year offered encouragement to new hires on behalf of senior employees and Kengo Arita replied to the encouragement by powerfully reading an oath representing new hires. Finally, CEO Minami delivered congratulatory messages to all new hires.