Oshima shipyard celebrated its 38th founding anniversary

Oshima shipyard celebrated its 38th founding anniversary on February 7, 2011. In commemoration of this occasion, the anniversary ceremony was held in a shipyard painting shop with the attendance of the mayor, chairman of the assembly of Saikai city and board member of Oshima Shipyard Women’s Association. Mr. Sho Minami, CEO of Oshima shipyard made a speech, “Let’s join our hands to have the 50th anniversary under the motto of Bright Oshima, Strong Oshima, and Challenging Oshima.”. Subsequent to the CEO’s speech, President Minami and Mr. Nakatsuno, chairman of the labor union, we had an opportunity to have Mayor Tanaka deliver a congratulatory speech for this occasion.

Subsequent to those speeches, commendation was held to reward those who showed excellent performance and achievement in the past one year. Group awards (43 items) and research papers awards (17 items) had the honor to be commended by the president and the shipyard manager for their outstanding contributions to shipyard business. The chairman of the supervisor association finalized the ceremony by taking the oath for company-wide togetherness. The member of the supervisor association called out in chorus to arouse the morale in order to pursue permanent sustainability and prosperity of Oshima shipyard.