A New Year’s Greeting for 2011

A New Year’s Greeting for 2011 took place in one of the painting shops in Oshima shipyard in January 5, 2011. Management and all workers including those of subcontractors in Oshima shipyard participated int the Greeting.

President Minami delivered appreciation to the efforts undertaken by all departments and emphasized goal attainment through flexibly dealing with changes in external environments. Nakatsuno, labor union chairman also made a speech. He mentioned all unionized employees should make unified efforts for stability and development of the company and put the highest priority on safety.

And then, Hisatomi, executive shipyard manager advocated safety precautions and made safety declaration so that all employees need to be vigilant to avoid any kinds of accidents.

New year’s commendation went to “good deed” or “performance” recognized during the previous year. The commendation consisted of eight awards by president’s citation, two by executive shipyard managers and one by chief of headquarters.

Izaki, head of the Production Department closed the meeting by a Japanese custom of ceremonial rhythmic hand clapping.